Roaming an Expo
Roaming an Expo

Ever wondered roaming an expo while sitting on your couch? It’s time to halt your imaginations because Pakistan’s first ever virtual expo is just around the corner with so many exciting features. vEXPO is an initiative which will provide host companies as well as the visitors with an opportunity to operate in an online space with no hustle of traveling, lodging and hiring services for the maintenance of booths. Compared to the traditional expo, you don’t have to take time out from your already busy schedules and travel all the way to the event location spending both energies and money, with vEXPO you can attend event from anywhere without spending a penny and at your ease. vEXPO is no different from traditional expo in terms of access to the companies and organizations. You can communicate with the company representatives and can see what they are offering while being the part of vEXPO, and the bonus point is you will be able to download brochures and other material online for further reference. Means vEXPO is your convenience with additional benefits for zero cost at all. The finest feature of vEXPO is their attempt to reduce the usage of carbon in manufacturing of materials during event preparations and booth setups. This is something that should be appreciated as this is the need of the hour. Unlike traditional expo vEXPO will not be there just for 2 to 3 days although it will be available for up to 2 months so you can visit anytime from anywhere. For all those who might be thinking how to become a part of this virtual expo, here is a simple answer to all your queries. Visit get yourself registered and be a part of this new world paving the way for a more digitalized society. Here you can explore through various property stalls and can get your hands on multiple discounts.


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